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Discovering HDR August 31, 2007

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Somehow, I decided to explore my long time interest in photography today. And HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging is what I discovered this morning… I never realized how beautiful and true to life photographs can be. In fact, I feel somewhat amazed that for so many years I did not realize the incredible difference between the image that our eyes capture and those captured on film. The images we see with our eyes, are so much more vivid, more colorful and more real than even the most beautiful photographs from coffee table books. Yet, I’ve never consciously realized the difference until today. This realization brought me concerns. Are our perceptions really that heavily influenced by what is available to us? This is a scary thought, because in the case of imaging, we really do have the best available tools to anchor that perception, our eyes!

Anyhow, thanks to thanks to a fellow blogger, I feel awakened. From his blog, Memoirs on a Rainy Day, I learned about, and even attempted to make my very own HDR images.

Note: My first time HDR experimental attempts below do not even come close to the actual beauty that HDR is capable of capturing. To do it justice, I will attach a more skillfully captured HDR image of Manhattan at the end of this post.

* believe it or not, it took these 5 photos to make the 1 HDR imaging below

* the same view after HDR

*and it took these photos to make the HDR image below

* this HDR image is more dramatic because the 3 original images were not shot with the exact same position, to embrace the difference, i decided to give it a even more dramatized finish

* from flickr, photographed by Automatt


3 Responses to “Discovering HDR”

  1. range Says:

    Hi. Yes, HDR is really cool yet to create beautiful images isn’t that easy. I’ve tried it a few times with photoshop and I use up a lot or RAM while creating HDR images. The results are always interesting.

  2. Jen Says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww…. I still don’t know what HDR is but the last image is awesome!

  3. HDR is a lot of fun, and it does take a bit of practice to get really good at yet. It looks like your off to a good start. The shot with the flower is showing some ghosting. That can be avoided by preventing camera shake. Thanks for spreading the word about HDR. Here is a link to some more good examples of HDR

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